The Flack Wedding // Chapel Valley Farms, AL


One of the things I always say about myself is that I'm an open book. I'm literally incapable of lying or portraying things to be different than the way they truly are. My facial expressions alone will tell you all of my secrets. Y'all know I don't portray myself as a true professional, and I'm simply documenting my journey and all the experiences I have while growing in photography.

With that being said, I shot my first wedding a few weeks ago!! IT WAS AMAZING

Mainly because of the two people I was there for - Jorden and Ethan. 

Jorden is one of the most confident, laid back people I know and I am SO thankful she put her trust in me to capture her day as my very first wedding. The entire day was super low stress and calm (as it should be, in my opinion). Jorden had everything planned out to a T and everything ran so super smoothly. 

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Jorden and Ethan knew each other in high school, and while Jorden had a crush on him, Ethan never liked her back. They reconnected about two years ago, and as Jorden says, bumping back into Ethan "was like reuniting with someone you never knew was missing. It was discovering the other half that makes you whole" (yes I stole that from one of her Facebook posts OK). The two of them wholeheartedly believe that God orchestrated their reconnection after all those years.

How. Sweet. Is. That.

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So on May 19th, surrounded by all their loved ones, Jorden and Ethan said YES to forever together. The pastor of Jorden's home church, which Ethan joined last year, preached their service, and then they washed each other's feet just like Jesus did as a symbol of their service and respect for one another.

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I am so thankful that my first wedding experience was with these two sweet people. The love they have for one another and for God is SO obvious in all they do, and the whole entire wedding day reflected that as well. 

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