The Hudson Wedding // Arab, AL

Hi friends!

Today I'm sharing some shots from Ally + Jordan's relaxed, sweet, backyard wedding. After 5 years together, these two committed their lives and love to each other, something that I have full confidence had already been done, but just needed to be made "official."

On June 3rd, Ally and Jordan said "yes" to forever together, and it was perfect!

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(these below are some of my favorite shots)

I've known both Ally and Jordan for a long long time, but never knew them at the level I do now. I am so grateful for the opportunities I've had to grow closer to them.

Last summer, I put out a model call for a couple to practice on. Ally was one of the first responses I got! We spent some time by the lake, and it was so great reconnecting, I went away saying "I want to spend more time with them."

Actually, during that session, I asked about their marriage plans. I got kind of an awkward response, with them exchanging glances. After getting (what I thought was) weird vibes, I was embarrassed and said "oh sorry, maybe I shouldn't have brought it up." Little did I (or Ally) know that the plans for a proposal was already in the works!

Literally maybe just a few weeks later, Jordan proposed in the most simple and relaxed way that totally embodied the personality of their relationship. Then came engagement pictures, then came the wedding!

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I've never seen more obvious love + devotion between two people as I see between Ally and Jordan. Part of their letters they wrote to each can be heard in their wedding video, shot by Joe + Callie and you can watch here (it's SO GOOD!)

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Their ceremony was super simple and sweet!!

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