a day in the life of a photographer's dog

Hi everyone! My name is Zoey. My mom wanted me to show y'all what it's like to be me - the cutest puppy (or so she says) and her ever trustworthy practice model.

This is me - 


This was the day my mom brought me home. I didn't know what I was getting into then, well, I didn't really know what was going on at all. I was put in a basket and put in this moving place, and let me tell y'all I did NOT like that basket. I wanted to get to know my mom new mom and sniff her, but she kept pushing me back down into the basket!

Anyway, before I start I wanted to give a tribute to my sister who came before me, Annie. I never met her, because she passed before my mom got me, but I've heard she was a HOOT - this is her - 

Untitled design (3).jpg

She was a weird dog, or so my mom says, but she was a good one too. Apparently, she was also a pretty good practice model for my mom - 

Untitled design (5).jpg

This is me and my mom. She was kinda squishing me in this because I was wanting to run around and she wanted to take pictures of me - story of my LIFE!

Untitled design (2).jpg

I'm a really good girl. I'm also a really good model for my mom. When she has new ideas to try for pictures, she always tries them out on me first, and I do SO GOOD for her! At least that's what she tells me. Here are some of my favorite pictures - 

Sometimes I get frustrated because I have to hold still for so long, so I just flop over on my side. It doesn't seem to bother her, though, because she keeps taking pictures of me anyway.

We do most of our pictures inside, because if we go outside, I run too fast for to keep up with me!!! She let me eat some flowers one day, though, and she got some pictures of me then - 

Untitled design (6).jpg

The grass was really wet that day. I don't like it when its wet because I get really cold. We take pictures in her room too, because she painted it and really likes how it looks now - 

Untitled design (8).jpg

These pictures aren't with her fancy camera, but she likes them because of their "aesthetic" or something like that.... I also needed a haircut, so not my best look.... OH! While we're talking about "aesthetic" pictures, here's some more of my big sister Annie. My mom really likes these -

Untitled design (4).jpg

I get stuck in my mom's room while she's gone, and I used to have a lot more energy, so I would chew up her photo albums. They were just the right texture! My mom got really mad at me, though... because her photos are really special to her...

but I don't do that anymore and my mom says I'm a good girl everyday when she comes home. Most days I just lay around and wait for her to come back like this - 

Here are some "behind the scenes" shots. I don't want any other dogs to get jealous, so I've got to show my more natural side.

Yes, I am a good dog.

Yes, my mom tells me I'm the perfect model.

Yes, I'm the cutest dog in the whole world.

But I'm no hot shot model. I'm no hero. I kick dirt over my droppings just like all you other dogs...

Thanks for reading my blog post everyone!

I'm a very special dog because I'm the perfect model for my mom.

She loves taking pictures! If you want your picture taken, talk to her about it! Maybe I'll get to meet you!