Favorite Couple Poses

Hi friends! It's been SO long since I've blogged. I've had this idea for a blog post for a while, but I'm just so busy (or lazy?) that I haven't gotten around to it yet. 

So I now present to you, My Favorite Couple Poses!

The first one is up close and personal

This one is really sweet because you can get a close up shot of your couple just b e i n g together. I love the close up shots because you can capture their facial expressions and true emotion. Also, looking into each other's eyes from that close usually makes them go cross eyed, which means you can capture some pretty genuine laughs.

up close and personal.jpg

Next, is the walking "poses" (this isn't really a pose so much as it is a prompt)


Walking is usually a go-to for me. It creates movement and allows you to capture true moments between the couple. I tell them where to begin and say "just look at each other, look around, chat, just pretend I'm not here." Or sometimes, I'll have one leading the other, like the example above, and the one leading looks back at the other one. During Beth Anne and Justin's shoot (in the middle), I tried out the "drunk walking" prompt. I got some pretty goofy shots (which some couples LOVE) but I got some really authentic, fun, laughing ones too!

This next one has to be one of my FAVORITE favorites, because it really creates a lot of movement, fun, and laughter. 

It's d a n c i n g !!!


This will work depending on the couple. I have found that they HAVE to feel comfortable with you in order for this to work. If you don't make them feel confident in what they're doing, this prompt is not going to turn out well. The two couples on the left were practicing their twirling skills, while the two couples on the right just started dancing on their own! You can use any kind of prompt for "dancing," like telling them to twirl, practice their swing dancing, etc... I usually LOVE these shots more than any other ones.

The important thing to do when culling these shots is to make sure you don't choose any pictures that the couple looks awkward in. No matter how comfortable they are in dancing, you're going to get some weird looking poses in your shots. 

piggy back.jpg
wrapped from behind.jpg

Some more poses that I really like are having the girl wrap around the guy from behind, piggy back rides (!!!!), and symmetrical compositions or poses. With piggy backs, you need to take in the same considerations as with dancing. They need to feel comfortable with you, and they should feel confident in what they're doing. Also watch for unflattering angles with this too (such as double chins). Next, I really like the symmetrical compositions/posing. It just changes up the overall composition of your gallery and gives the couple a shot that is different from all the other ones. It adds a new perspective as well as variety. Lastly, having the girl wrap around from behind is an easy, flattering pose and it really conveys a connection between the two.

That's all for today! I'm obviously not as experienced as others, so if you have any critiques or poses to add, let me know!