Best of 2017

It's the end of the year, friends!!! This has been a huge year of growth for me and my photography gig, and I can't wait to see what 2018 has in store!  

As of right now, 2018 includes: a couple weddings already booked, proposals, and The Real Workshop! I'm so beyond excited for the workshop, because it's going to be a huge step out of my comfort zone and hopefully a huge step for my photography skills! 

Some of my goals for 2017 were:

First social media contest

1000 followers on Instagram

300 likes on Facebook

One short distance travel session

I only crossed off two of these - I held not one but TWO social media contests, both of which were fairly successful in my opinion and SO fun. 


I also reached 300 likes on my Facebook page, Betsy Lee Photography (go give ya girl another one!).

I had a travel session booked in Birmingham in the summer, but unfortunately that was cancelled. I got kinda close to 1000 followers on Instagram, like I'm floating around 700 right now. (That's considered relatively close right?)

Here are some of the biggest things I've learned this year:

  • Working with people takes a delicate skill, and everyone has different likes and dislikes. Not everyone is going to enjoy and appreciate your creativity, so stick close to the ones that do. 
  • Not every session is going to blow you away. That doesn't mean you quit, it means you learn from mistakes and KEEP GOING. 
  • Style is dynamic, not static. Consistency is important, but so is creating your own look and not just following the trend. 
  • For me personally, creating something meaningful for others to enjoy is more important than the recognition or monetary gain (that's one change my biz is undergoing for the new year).

I have worked with the ABSOLUTE BEST people from the moment I started, but here's a comparison between my work at the beginning...

Now here are some from my latest sessions...

Untitled design.jpg
Untitled design (2).png

I am so grateful for everyone that allowed me to be a part of their story this year. To everyone who has entrusted me with capturing their memories: you are so appreciated and loved. Photography has brought me the privilege of meeting and reuniting with some of the sweetest people and I am truly humbled by the love I've been shown by my clients this year. 

I'm doing some major revamping to (or getting rid of) my "business" model and focusing more on my calling as a child of God and as a creative and how I can use my talent to give back to God and others. A blog post explaining all of that jazz coming soon :-)